Leadership Team

An image of Dr. Romesh Wadhwani saying 'Leadership is all about rising to the occcassion, inspiring confidence, re-inventing strategies and executing plans brilliantly'

The Wadhwani Foundation’s high impact, technology-oriented initiatives across emerging economies and U.S to create millions of jobs are being driven by Dr. Wadhwani’s zeal and passion for impact philanthropy, renowned thought leaders and a leadership team that is passionate and committed towards creating exponential change.

The operational leadership team at the Foundation is handpicked from the best talent and epitomizes distinguished career profiles. Cutting across skill-sets, competencies and diverse experience, the think tank at the Foundation leverages its strengths in multiple domains to provide a four-dimensional direction for effecting wholesome, sustainable and measurable impact i.e. Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building and Strategic Thinking.

Dr. Ajay Kela
President & CEO
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Sashi Chimala
Executive Vice President, NEN
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Atul Raja
Executive Vice President- Marketing
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Bhasker Sharma
Executive Vice President – E-content development and Technology Platforms
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Sunita Singh
Co-Founder NEN and Vice President, Wadhwani Foundation
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Ajay Goel
Vice President  Government, Industry and Academia Relations
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Austin Thomas
Director, SDN
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Swati Mittal
Financial Controller
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