A perceptible and growing trend nowadays is the foray of top-notch talent in the not-for-profit sector. This is because of the substantive impact on society’s pervasive and complex problems that professionally run entities like The Wadhwani Foundation are making.

Wadhwani Foundation believes that the big impact it seeks to make in emerging economies and U.S. can only be effected if delivery happens through a highly talented and equally committed team of professionals who are adept at stakeholder management, getting the right partners on board, undertaking extensive research, developing & designing (meta) content, assessing innovations, sharing best practices, using technology for wider and faster reach, engaging the target audience, impacting policy framework and creating impact specific properties & brands that are sustainable in the long run.

A career at Wadhwani Foundation, will therefore, give you an opportunity to work in a smart environment and provide you with immense satisfaction that your skill-sets are being utilized for social good and far-reaching impact. We welcome you to be a part of the exponential change that the team at Wadhwani Foundation is effecting through its tireless and passionate efforts.

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