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Wadhwani Foundation’s Flagship Initiative, National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) is launched in Malaysia to provide a systematic and structured strategy towards building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. Over the last decade, NEN has demonstrated a highly successful model that promotes entrepreneurship through both creating and supporting entrepreneurs, and facilitating job creation in the process. With a network of over 600 colleges, 4000 mentors and 3200 faculty, NEN has in 2,000 new Startups and is now tracking 1,500+ new companies each year.

The scalable model of NEN, its resources and IP are contextualized for emerging economies like Malaysia and deployment of these will facilitate development of entrepreneurship. It is evident that entrepreneurship is key for Malaysia’s economic growth through the various government initiatives and support policies that exist. NEN’s capacity building model which starts at the university level will help build a pipeline for entrepreneurship to grow in Malaysia, leveraging the resources provided and hence resulting in a sustainable and robust ecosystem.
Wadhwani Foundation will be partnering with Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd and a few other organizations in Malaysia for bringing together the right stakeholders in the country including the government, academic institutions, entrepreneurs and associations to enhance the resources and connectedness of the ecosystem.

MDeC facilitates Malaysia’s goal of becoming the preferred location for ICT and multimedia innovations, operations and services. MDeC’s mission is to shape world-class environment to attract and nurture leading-edge and world-class companies, facilitate knowledge transfer and wealth creation and to build well-mandated, value-based and highly effective organizations by marketing MSC Malaysia globally; shaping MSC Malaysia-specific laws, policies and practices by advising the Malaysian government; and setting standards for MSC Malaysia`s information infrastructure and urban development. Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd (Cradle), an agency under the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia that manages the Cradle Investment Program, encourages, supports, stimulates and nurtures the development of Malaysian entrepreneurship in ICT, bio-technology, life sciences, material sciences and high growth technology industries, along with the generation of ideas for an innovative knowledge-based society and economy.

MDeC and Wadhwani Foundation want to improve and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia; train and support start-ups, to create high-growth, impactful entrepreneurs who will create jobs in Malaysia. The partnership with Cradle Fund through Wadhwani Foundation’s technology platform will provide Malaysia’s entrepreneurial community access to a wider set of content that is current and relevant and therefore useful to its entrepreneurs. With these partnerships, Wadhwani Foundation hopes to scale the entrepreneurial capacity of the nation and play a key role in contributing to the economic growth of the country.

NEN has developed rich resources for students, faculty, entrepreneurs, mentors and institutions over a decade. All tailor-made to suit the needs of each category. For further details click on links below in each category.


1. Workshop – Student Entrepreneur
2. Workshop – NEN E Leader Development Program
3. Videos on Entrepreneurship: For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
4. Platforms – TATA First Dot Powered by NEN
5. Platforms – Entrepreneurship Week India
6. Platforms – Entrepreneur Academy
7. Webinars, Bootcamps, Mentoring Clinics, Events


1. Mentoring Clinics
2. Webinars
3. Network Forums – Access to Industry and Expert Networks
4. Dedicated Programs – Dream to Destination
5. Dedicated Programs – NEN-SAP Emerging Entrepreneur Mentoring Program
6. Courses
7. Platforms – Entrepreneur Academy


1. Online Education Platforms – Webinars
2. Online Education Platforms – Clinics
3. Courses   
4. Platforms


1. Training
2. Network Forums – Join the NEN Mentor Network
3. Access to Qualified Mentees
4. Tools and Framework for Structured Mentoring Engagement
5. Mentor Development Programs


1. Consulting Support – Developing Advanced Infrastructure : Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centres
2. Consulting Support – Developing Mentoring Units
3. Faculty Development
4. Impact Measurement : InCapMe (Institutional Capacity Measurement System)
5. Consulting Support – Incubator Support
6. Platforms – Entrepreneurship Education Conclave and Awards


1. How to launch a campus company program - A how to guide
2. Faculty development course portfolio: Building world class entrepreneurship educators and mentors
3. An NEN White Paper - Guidelines for Metrics and Milestones for Successful Incubator Development
4. Success Stories
5. Student venture mentoring unit - A how to guide