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Accelerating economic development in emerging economies and U.S.

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, the Foundation’s primary mission is economic acceleration of emerging economies. The Foundation embarked upon its mission in India first, and subsequently, the Foundation has expanded into the U.S and other countries.

In India, with an expected growth of 250-300 million people joining the workforce by 2022, large scale job creation became the primary imperative for the country. Also, as India’s population grows young, most advanced nations of the world are growing old, offering India an opportunity to become the global talent supplier. Catalyzing job creation and skill development become the two primary target areas of focus for the Foundation.

During the last decade, Wadhwani Foundation has launched five niche, high impact Initiatives in India. These include promoting entrepreneurial and employment skills, tapping the educated disabled, encouraging innovation and driving policy changes to jump-start economic opportunities. To address persistently high youth and displaced-worker unemployment in the U.S, Wadhwani Foundation launched the ‘Race to a Job’ initiative in 2012.​

Enable Job Creation

Enable Job Creation through Entrepreneurship

We inspire, educate, mentor and support first-generation entrepreneurs to create millions of jobs. Our target is to create half a million high-value jobs over the next 5 years

Accelerate Employability

Accelerate Employability through Skill Development

We revolutionize skill development through the use of technology and program management of Government initiatives to create millions of highly-skilled manpower globally. Our target is to skill and place 5 million in sustainable high-quality jobs over the next 5 years

Empower the Educated Disabled

Empower the Educated Disabled

We mainstream the educated disabled into corporate jobs. Our target is to place 100,000 into mainstream corporate jobs over the next 5 years

Promote Research & Innovation

Promote World-Class Research and Innovation

We propel India towards leadership in innovation by enabling world-class research and industry creation. To facilitate and enable world-class research at several prestigious institutes in high-impact areas, is our 5 year target

India-U.S Policies Framework

Impact Policies to Accelerate India-U.S Economic Activity

We strengthen the India-U.S relationship through a shared vision and a policy framework for economic acceleration. To facilitate policy frameworks and actionable high-impact policies that further India-U.S economic development and co-operation, is our 5 year target

Strategy for Emerging Economies & U.S.

  • To identify and create niche & high impact initiatives
  • To be a catalyst & demonstrate scale and sustainability for wholesome, sustainable impact on economic development
  • To engage Government resources and/or market forces to scale, sustain and create an eco-system for larger participation

Our Initiatives

The Foundation drives job creation and skill development in India through five Initiatives.

Wadhwani Foundation | NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) Logo

NEN inspires, educates and supports first generation entrepreneurs to create millions of jobs & represents India’s largest and most dynamic community of new and future high-growth entrepreneurs.

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Wadhwani Foundation | SDN (Skills Development Network) Logo

Skills Development Network (SDN) aims to revolutionize skill development by leveraging technology to create millions of highly-skilled manpower, globally.

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Race to a Job

Wadhwani Foundation | OND (Opportunity Network for Disabled) Logo

Opportunity Network for Disabled (OND) aims to mainstream the educated disabled into sustainable high-quality corporate jobs.

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Wadhwani Foundation | Policy (India-U.S. Policy) Logo

Policy Initiative drives the research based policy actions in collaboration with State and Central Governments, in the area of economic development.

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Wadhwani Foundation | RIN (Research and Innovation Network) Logo

Research & Innovation Network (RIN) aims to propel India towards leadership in innovation by encouraging and enabling world-class research coupled with industry/company creation.

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