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Founded in 2000 by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, the Foundation’s primary mission is economic acceleration in emerging economies. With large-scale education led initiatives driving skill development and job creation, the Foundation has launched five high impact education, training and research focused Initiatives in India that will lead to creation and fulfillment of 25 million jobs by 2020. [...]

Our Initiatives

Creating and supporting entrepreneurs
Skill development and vocational education
Employment of educated disabled in corporates
Role model research centres
Data driven research for POLICY actions


Austin Thomas, Executive Vice President, Wadhwani Foundation authors article titled,’Skilling India at scale, with MOOCs’, in Financial Express

Of late, there has been much excitement about leveraging India’s demographic dividend to become

‘Entrepreneurship: Golden Era’ – Sashi Chimala, Exe. VP – NEN writes for Deccan Herald

Technology has been a great leveller and has democratised entrepreneurship in India. Today’s young

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Founder & Chairman

Romesh is a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist with passion for wealth creation. After building three large scale successful companies in three decades, the last of which was sold for over $9 billion, Romesh founded the Wadhwani Foundation in 2000 to which he has committed to donate most of his wealth. Romesh envisions high impact social change in emerging economies through sustained economic acceleration. He is a member of the Gates Buffet Giving Pledge.[...]

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